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The Wine Map of Australia
by Max Allen
This map charts the diverse combinations of climate, country and culture that make each wine unique, with wine region boundaries clearly marked.

We've seriously been looking for a map like this since we started our Road to Vino adventure! Absolutely awesome. The Qwoff Boys

Large format - available folded, laminated or rolled from australianwinemaps.com

Visualise your business…

. Locate . Select
. Track . Route
. Validate . Plan
. Create . Analyse

…improve your bottom line!


TASMANIA - WINE & GASTRONOMY MAP with Breweries & Distilleries, is a gastronomer's delight: evocative descriptions of Tasmania's wine regions by Hobart wine & food writer Graeme Phillips; precise plotting of 250 vineyards on topographic background; climatic, touring & cellar door info; vintage charts & history. Double-sided. Over 1m x 700mm. A steal at $14.95. Info & orders from vWMaps at australianwinemaps.com

Brilliant cartography by vWMaps, regional intelligence by wine writer Max Allen, and precise plotting of 900 vineyards by VineFinders, provides a fascinating exploration of Victorian wine. Topographic, climatic & cellar door info make it a must for all wine buffs. A steal at $14.95 - find retail outlets, more info and/or Order online...


21 April 2011
VineFinders' Smartphone App puts Grape Varieties at your fingertips!
Now available on Android phones as well as iPhones, "Grapes 101" has been expanded to include all 171 grape varieties used to produce wine in Australia. No longer be embarrassed by an endless wine list, by too many grape varieties or how to pronounce them? Discover the different tastes of Sangiovese (SAHN-joe-VAY-zay) and Sagrantino (SAH-grahn-TEE-noh). “Grapes 101” lists varieties from Aleatico-Zweigeltrebe under their 196 most commonly used names in Australia, and cross-indexes each by country of origin, and the style(s) of wine the variety produces: sparkling, dry white, red, rose, dessert wine, fortified and/or cask wine! 

Learn how many vineyards have each variety planted – Shiraz tops the list with an incredible 2,580 – and iconic regional examples are provided for each variety. This draws on the VineFinders database of 5,400 vineyards, wineries and cellar doors – researched over 8 years of travelling and tasting in 85 Australian wine regions...

25 March 2011
Wine Australia commissions Chinese version of "The Wine Map of Australia by Max Allen"
The popular large format fold-out map by vWMaps, with text by Max Allen and 5,000 vineyard locations provided by VineFinders, is now circulating in China with text and mapping in Chinese characters! Every one of the 60+ wine regions is precisely mapped and labelled. The English language version was released in September, and is available from www.australianwinemaps.com

15 March 2011
Mount Gambier - the newest wine region - mapped by vWMaps & VineFinders
The newly proclaimed GI (geographically indicated) wine region of Mount Gambier has been precisely mapped by vWMaps. While large in area, it contains just 22 vineyards, and that includes those as small as an acre! The locations have been provided by VineFinders, after we conducted a little more research. It's available as a free download from www.australianwinemaps.com/mt_gambier.html

So many maps on websites and in publications are just rubbish. I work with with GIS and mapping and it's a pleasure to see a map that is clear in its information, looks attractive and is spot on in terms of accuracy. -- Terry Strickland, President, Mount Gambier Wine Region.

27 February 2011
Federation Square re-schedule monthly wine tastings of Victorian regions
Using the email contacts for 2,000 Victorian vineyards, VineFinders was contracted to advise vineyards region-by-region of the re-organisation required by the difficult vintage, when floods and rain made it necessary to re-schedule the monthly tastings. VineFinders assists Fed Sq management by alerting vignerons each month of the promotional tasting opportunity and, in association with vWMaps, produces a map of participating stallholders for the consumers program. 

2 December 2011
VineFinders provides location data for Bikely Wine Tour Maps
Six regions from Margaret River to McLaren Vale, the Tamar Valley, the Yarra Valley, the Hunter & Queensland's Granite Belt now have bike tourism maps by vWMaps using VineFinders data on important vineyards and enticing cellar doors. The bike routes are chosen by bicycle experts and join routes in 40 countries available from www.bikely.com

10 November 2011
VineFinders provides data for Forestry Tasmania
VineFinders has updated the vineyard layer earlier provided in planning for hazard reduction burns, so that smoke taint can (hopefully) be avoided. It is hoped other states will follow suit to avoid this scourge of vignerons across the country. Approaches have been made in other states!

28 October 2011
VineFinders communicates to vignerons re Organic Roadshows
The VineFinders database helped the BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia) advise vignerons of their "Roadshows" in WA & Tasmania, with VineFinders using the email addresses to forward their information and successfully getting the numbers required for their events. VineFinders carefully restricts email to ensure only material of direct interest to vignerons is the subject of any of such mail-out, alerting them to opportunities they may otherwise miss.


NOT LISTED and want to be? We verify listings by ground-truthing (verifying locations by taking geo-cordinates at the road entrances) on regular visits to the wine regions. We can provide an interim listing – the information we need can be completed online using this form

LISTED but details have changed? Please provide just the information which needs updating

LISTED but don’t want to be? VineFinders understands the need for privacy, for security, and for safety. We try to record every vineyard (no matter how small) – we know, an impossible task -– but important for industry development, for biosecurity (eg controlling the spread of phylloxera), and/or your protection from smoke taint (we’ve provided fire authorities with vineyard locations to avoid burn-offs at critical times). But, if (for example) no-one lives at the site, we need the listing to provide above protections but will not display you on our online maps. Let us know of your privacy concerns.


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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION is the oft-quoted real estate mantra to dictate quality. And so it is for the wine industry, because of course wines are made in the vineyard! TERROIR, TERROIR, TERROIR can best be demonstrated by mapping – not just the location, but the topography, the climate, the heat degree days, the rainfall, … The Wine Map of Victoria has adapted the phrase "in vino veritas" (= in wine, there is truth) to "in loco veritas" (in location, there is truth). We hope you enjoy finding the truth of the wine in your glass, by finding the vineyard locations which produced the wine.

VineFinders Copyright/Disclaimer
VineFinders has traversed countless goat tracks in every wine region... use examples for private enjoyment... but don't abuse it... speak to us... copyright

What’s Next:

VineFinders has assisted vignerons to:
* BUY and SELL fruit
* SELL vineyards, and
* OBTAIN assistance with vineyard labour and contract vineyard maintenance.

VineFinders crafts communications to vineyards with specific information and has provided contact and geographic information for:
* annual crush SURVEYS
* disease & risk factors
* wine tourism route planning & signage.

We've researched and developed this site on our private initiative. We hope you enjoy it, and provide feedback on any inaccuracies, as well as additions and suggestions for future development. SO What's Next depends on your response.

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