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The Wine Map of Australia
by Max Allen
This map charts the diverse combinations of climate, country and culture that make each wine unique, with wine region boundaries clearly marked.

We've seriously been looking for a map like this since we started our Road to Vino adventure! Absolutely awesome. The Qwoff Boys

Large format - available folded, laminated or rolled from australianwinemaps.com

Visualise your business…

. Locate . Select
. Track . Route
. Validate . Plan
. Create . Analyse

…improve your bottom line!


TASMANIA - WINE & GASTRONOMY MAP with Breweries & Distilleries, is a gastronomer's delight: evocative descriptions of Tasmania's wine regions by Hobart wine & food writer Graeme Phillips; precise plotting of 250 vineyards on topographic background; climatic, touring & cellar door info; vintage charts & history. Double-sided. Over 1m x 700mm. A steal at $14.95. Info & orders from vWMaps at australianwinemaps.com

Brilliant cartography by vWMaps, regional intelligence by wine writer Max Allen, and precise plotting of 900 vineyards by VineFinders, provides a fascinating exploration of Victorian wine. Topographic, climatic & cellar door info make it a must for all wine buffs. A steal at $14.95 - find retail outlets, more info and/or Order online...

VineFinders Copyright / Disclaimer

VineFinders has traversed countless goat tracks in every wine region in the wide brown land girt by sea; talked to thousands of vignerons; bought truckloads of obscure wines (and drunk a few) in fine dining restaurants and country pubs; and has scanned available tourism and wine literature in order to provide the most comprehensive and accurate picture of Australia's vineyards, cellar doors, breweries: then in a continuing process we re-visit the highways and by-ways recording the GPS co-ordinates of vineyards etc at the road entrances to a 4m accuracy.

Make very good use of it. Go find distinctive wines from your favourite terroir. Share this site with all your friends and acquaintances. But don't abuse it by:
a. drinking too much, or
b. copying, relaying or reverse engineering our laborious work for your print, electronic, web or other means of cheating on our research.

By all means use examples from it in you publications, discussions, programs and events. If you want to use the info for other than your private enjoyment, speak to us so that we extract this or further data to best meet your needs. And, if you don't give credit where or when it's due, we'll come after you with an empty bottle (no, we'll come after you "full bottle" with the force of the copyright law)!

We constantly update with changes of ownership and/or opening hours, as voracious plantations take over prime horticulture land, vineyards fall into open-cut coal mines, climate change kills good vineyards, roadworks change access and signage/naming/numbering conventions alter but, because these updates mean we don't get much sleep and because we are prone to human error, we do not warrant every detail of our dynamic databases to be correct and suggest that, if your life or the enjoyment of a holiday or excursion depends on it, that you ring ahead to verify the data.


If you read About Us you will see that we have provided data for strictly "kosher" reasons in service to the industry. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your data, research, or information needs. You'll find us very reasonable and keen to assist - Engage us


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